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Which window treatments should I choose?

Choosing window treatments can be a difficult task, It's an expensive job too, especially if you have large or trickier windows, so getting it right is important! I'm going to share with you a few easy tips to make decision making a little bit easier.

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I've been posting some really handy guides over on Pinterest (follow me here) about how to think like a designer! These are all the questions that need to be asked before you decide on the actual look of the thing you think you want! ... Interior design to a lot of people is purely based on aesthetic, but actually there is a lot of careful consideration about the scale of the room, the benefits of certain products, and the overall functionality of a space, and how a space can make you feel and interact with it, then it comes down to looks.

So, with this is mind these tips should help you in deciding about your window treatments. Having worked in a soft furnishings department for over 3 years, where I designed bespoke curtains and blinds - these are my top considerations with making a decision about which window treatments to choose.

1. Want or need?

Do you need them, or are they just to dress a room and finish a space? I often advise my clients on dress curtains ( 1 because they are more cost effective, and 2. they do help to soften the room and create a gorgeous cosy feel!)

2. How much light to let in / block out?

Do you need Blackout - always recommend this for Bedrooms / TV rooms. Then you can choose Light filtering - so something semi-opaque will wake you up naturally, or allow you to close blinds during the day but not cut out all the light, and then you have sheer options too, these are great for filtering light, and creating a light airy feel.

3. Drapes or Blinds?

Do you like the look of curtains, or something modern and simple such as blinds or shutters? So then you can decide whether curtains or blinds will be best for you, you can go for simple or statement!

4, Automated or Manual?

Want to operate them on a app, or fine with the old fashioned method - draw rods are a great idea for light / silk curtains too!!

5. Plain or Pattern?

Next to decide if the curtains are to make a statement, add colour, or be a feature in the room!

So, hopefully now you've decided on a few things that can help you narrow down your search to find your perfect window treatment! Whilst working in a busy showroom I would often get approached and asked - 'what curtains should i put in this room?!' only to have to come back with all these questions, so i know it isn't a quick task!

The second part of this is also down to the window style - not all windows have room for tracks / poles / pelmets or places to secure blinds etc - this is a bit more difficult to advise with over a blog post, so do feel free to get in touch, but i thought I'd share with you some example windows below to help!

'Dress' curtains and blinds:

A good way to dress a window is to have a functional operational blind in the reveal, but to elongate the height of the room, add a full length dress curtain. This is cost effective and doesn't need to be lined etc, so can be a nice way to finish a room, also good for very large windows where standard sizes are not always possible!

Image Credit: Pinterest

Roman Blinds:

Great for smaller windows and to add a punch of colour or pattern! Small patterns work well in these blinds too! Can be fitted inside or outside the recess, (inside will have little light gaps - so if that's an issue site on the outside!)

The 'wave' heading:

Ultra modern and hotel chic style, on a simple track mechanism. Good floor to ceiling option if there is no coving, and brilliant at covering large expanses of windows, as the fabrics are usually extra wide - so can be very economical!

Image credit: Silent Gliss

Plantation shutters:

More often that not a more neutral and simple option, but can be really effective in colours too, so don't overlook this potential. A great option for filtering bright sunlight in south facing rooms.

Image Credit: Shutterly Fabulous

Sumptuous drapes:

Heavy Lined and interlined drapes are perfect for drafty rooms and older style properties which need a more traditional look. A great option to add extra glamour.

Image Credit: Wallpaper

Day and Night blinds:

A great choice if you need a bit of privacy but don't want to cut out all the daylight at the same time. These look modern, sleek and simple. Great for Kitchens and modern spaces.

Image Credit: Wilson blinds

If you have a window that you're really not sure what to do with, please do get in touch - I can guide you through all of these possibilities and find the perfect window treatments for your home!

Hope to see you soon,


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Nicola Cummins
Nicola Cummins
Aug 10, 2020

Glad you found it useful, roman blinds are a great way to add a bit of colour or pattern too! Usually the widest you can go is 2.6m.. They do become quite difficult to use over this size. Another option is to add a pelmet and add 2 smaller blinds inside depending on your window configuration!


Aug 10, 2020

Some great advice, thank you! Though I love long drapes curtains they aren't right for my house (apart from my bedroom), so we have blinds throughout. Some of them definitely need replacing in the next twelve months. I like Roman blinds as they have the softness of curtains, what would you say is the widest you would go for a Roman blind?

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