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Spruce up your home this spring - here are the best space saving ideas

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

With Spring officially here, have you suddenly got the urge to give your home a spring clean and little refresh... before you think about a complete room design, it's a good idea to think about organization first!

One of the very first aspects I often discuss with clients on both remote and in-person home design appointments, before we get onto the exciting aesthetics and ideas stage about how you'd like the room to look - we discuss how the room functions. Who uses the room, and what sort of things you need to be able to do in that space.

Often organization is left until the latter stages, but if you're planning a renovation project or redecoration - I really suggest to look at some of the boring, practical stuff first.

Then when you've decided on the key pieces of furniture you need, the style, and and finishing touches will come together much more easily!!

There's nothing more rewarding then finally finding somewhere to put * miscellaneous items you've been meaning to deal with * tell me it isn't just me?? The things that need to find a home, or the pile of useful but unwanted items that could do with being donated to charity, or this isn't working in the lounge space, I'm going to try it some place else pile...

Space saving furniture is your friend, whether you have a large home or are living in a rental! If I can find a solution that doubles up as practical and stylish too, then it's always going to win me over.

Here are just some of the best pieces I've found which could help make your home stylish and just a little bit more organised for the start of this new year - whether or not you manage to keep it up, is over to you I'm afraid but I'm hopeful these clever space saving solutions will inspire you to organise your home, and help you feel calmer and more organised in the process.

The Lounge

Living rooms have a tendency to gather clutter, having a coffee table is a great idea, but wait - you can't actually put anything down for all the stuff that's accumulated over time.

Let me show you this storage coffee table - super stylish and useful too, perfect for the remotes, mail you haven't sorted or bits and bobs that often clutter up the coffee table!

Also a great place hide the clutter if you need to quickly tidy up, because your friend just said there're calling in...

Home Office / Dining

Are you back working in the office, or are you still working from home? Perhaps you don't have the luxury of the use of another room solely for work, except the dining room ? Tidying up your work stuff at the end of the day helps to create a division between work and life, and with this handy table - it could just be the thing you need!

Being able to separate your home life and work life is really important - especially if you don't have the luxury of being able to leave it all behind in the office., and close the door.

Having clutter around the home can lead to more stress and anxiety, as it creates a busyness that distracts you from enjoying those spaces.

This amazing dining table with lift up lid - is perfect for storing the laptop, work stuff - you name it, there's room in there!

Dunelm dining table with lift up lid

Open plan Living

If you have an open plan living situation, then you need to be really considerate about the purchases you make, so that spaces can flex when you need them to, to accommodate extra guests for dinner or allow for ease of use during the week. Cluttered open plan living, won't have the breezy minimalist look you were after creating, if you have too much stuff in the space!

If you're going for open plan then do think about your living space being more multi-functional, and one thing I loved was these clever dining table / coffee tables.

Pretty neat aren't they! coffee to dining table duo

Working from home space

No space for a desk full-time, but need the option - well with even limited space, this doubles up as a compact shelf, and can fold down when not in use! It's wall mounted so won't eat up your floor space.

Having things wall mounted will give the illusion of creating more space too, if you can keep as much of the furniture off the floor in a small space it helps to draw the eye upwards and you won't notice how narrow or small a space really is.


Is your kitchen lacking storage space? An extra butchers block could provide you with neat counter top space, and a few additional shelves to store your fruit and veg or pots and pans!

These are movable too, so flexibility is really great here. Plus you won't need a tradesman to install either, so it keeps costs down.

Entrance Hall

Hallway feeling cluttered and too narrow for anything with a large footprint, think about wall mounted storage - this unit is perfect for a narrow hallway with limited storage!

Adding a mirror to a hallway is always a sure way to add light and space to a room, you might not feel you need a mirror exactly, but adding one creates a focal point, adds depth to a room and helps create a light and airy feel - this one has added storage too, which is a real positive in a small space.

Perhaps you're looking for something a little more bespoke? Local company kerf works can design and make pretty much anything in their fabulous workshop - here's an amazing one for starters, hallway storage built for the space - and with a splash of colour! Building something bespoke means you get a piece that's design to fit your space, and maximise every inch of space available. It also means you can have a bit of fun and inject some personality into your home too. Dare to be different I say!!

Kerf Works - bespoke hallway storage

Book your FREE initial consultation to discuss your individual requirements with your home design.

If you have any questions from styling and finishing touches to sourcing everything you need including furniture, flooring, soft furnishings and accessories - do contact me for details.

1 hour style sessions and Digital design's are available this spring!

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