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Let's make your home beautifully styled and organised with a 7 day Insta challenge: #7dayhomestyle

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Last February, during half term (you know where the kids were home, but not having to be home schooled!) to combat some cabin fever, I ran a 7 day home style challenge for you and your home on Instagram.

A chance to spend 15 minutes on making your home not only look, but feel better! Giving us all some focus and direction at a time when things were so uncertain.

It was great to see the impact of these little mindful tasks, which should only take 15minutes - and so many of you got involved to say how much you enjoyed the prompts! So here we go again....

If we've learnt anything over the past 2 years, it is not to underestimate the power our homes can have on us. Having functional, fun and enjoyable spaces that we can share with others or simply enjoy for yourselves, isn't selfish but is something we can all appreciate and look towards.

And you know I'm a big advocate for slow living - so if it takes

months or more to get your home to place where it's working better for you - that's fine too!

You don't have to spend a pretty penny either, there are ways to use what you have, be resourceful, swap with friends and buy second hand too, so that you make the most of your home for how you live now and in the future!

Join me for the next 7 days, with 15 minute mindful tasks you can do at home, you'll feel you've accomplished something, it's at least a distraction for the half term chaos, and I'm sure you'll feel more motivated and more positive about your home afterwards. You'll have made on start on creating a beautifully styled and organised home.

If you miss the half term week - just do it whenever it fits in with your schedule instead!

Once you start small, it can lead to much bigger things. I'd love to see your posts too, please share using the hashtag #7dayhomestyle

DAY 1 - Shelf Shuffle

We've all got that one shelf that we've been overlooking, that's crowded and full of things you don't actually know how it got there? Yep - you know the one - start here!

  • Clear it all down

  • Dust and clean the surface

  • Pick a few key pieces

  • Add a picture or print, a plant, an object and probably a candle or something lovely to look or smell good

  • Play around with how it looks, layer up the shelf and think about negative space as well, don't put everything evenly spaced across the shelf, instead group items and create a vignette.

Image credit: Jane Churchill

DAY 1 - Time for a Shelf Shuffle - start with the shelf that's full of the things you don't know how they got there!

DAY 2 - Bathroom Storage baskets

Baskets are your new best friend...

DAY 2 - Cluttered Bathrooms don't make for restful experience

Now's the time to;

  • Go through all the stuff you were gifted for Christmas but haven't used because you forgot you had it, or didn't actually know what to do with it.

  • Invest in some storage baskets that will help you contain the items and make for ease of use, no more reaching to grab something for everything to fall over.

Nice neat pretty storage, that's easier to use will make your morning routine easier!

DAY 3 - Add some Art

Making your home feel like it's your own, takes time, but one way you could do this is to add your own stamp on it - bare walls are just crying out for some artwork that speaks to you;

Image credit: @collinsandgreenart - has some wonderful pieces, and some really nice inspirational images too to give you some ideas

  • Frame the Kids drawings - as masterpieces

  • look in magazines for inspiration

  • Check out your local charity shop for some wonderful treasures

  • Etsy is a great place to buy some unique and locally made artwork too

  • Bigger the better!

Image credit:

DAY 3 - Making your home feel like your own, is easier once you have some art on the wall for you to admire and appreciate.

DAY 4 - Table Centrepiece

Either the coffee table or dining table - these are great places to make a little focal point in a room, and as we're approaching spring, now seems like a great time to experiment and have some fun!

  • Start with a vase / planter - adding a few daffodils or a bunch of flowers, or a small plant

  • Add a candle, or place a few books and add a favourite picture frame

  • Shop your home - have you overlooked some of things you own?

  • Place the items on a small tray to contain them - and voila you created your own table centrepiece.

Image credit: @ FrancescaGentilli showing us how to beautifully create centrepieces

DAY 4 - don't be afraid to keep moving things until you're happy!

DAY 5 - Organise Books and Magazines

Take 15 minutes with a cup of tea and work through your 'to be read' pile - make it a mindful task. It doesn't matter if it will only look nice for 1/2 an hour, it's all in the process!

Image credit: Dunelm

  • Investing in some magazine holders, or magazine baskets to contain them and also look stylish will help keep your home tidy

  • Add a few books you love on the coffee table

  • Gift unwanted and read books to charity or friends, or swap them!

Image credit:

Day 5 - make it a mindful task!

DAY 6 - Add plants and greenery

Being around nature reduces our stress levels, so bringing some greenery inside our homes, not only helps to purify the air but it really helps to create a sense of well-being and optimism.

  • A plant on a sideboard, or a large one floor standing to fill and awkward gap or corner of a room

  • Be sure to check where you want to put your plant before making a purchase - some need indirect light, or full sun.

  • There are some that require more watering than others too - decide where you intend to put them before you carried away on something that won't like it's new home.

Image credit: Plantology

DAY 6: Find your plant a home, before choosing the plant you want to buy!

Image credit: 91magazine

DAY 7 - Sit back and Relax, share with me your week on Insta #7dayhomestyle @interiorsbync

Sit back admire your hard work - and know that even just making a few changes with organisation, storage and those little finishing touches you can you really start to make your home feel more like it reflects you, with those all important details!

Perhaps you didn't try a task every day, or perhaps you felt inspired to do a few tasks at once! Either way, I hope this helps with small ways to make your home feel more organised, and perhaps getting you ready for a spring refresh! With a few tweaks we can start making your home feel more comfortable, welcoming and a place you want to spend time!

Share with me on Instagram: tag me @nicola_c_interiors and use the hashtag #7dayhomestyle

Do let me know how you found this week!


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