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Finding your interior style this spring: peach fuzz

Finding your own interior style for your home can be a bit tricky sometimes, there are so many different ways you can approach your home design and lots of styles to choose from, so finding those that make you happy in your home, can be quite a task. This years Pantone colour of the year is PEACH FUZZ 13-1023 and at first I wasn't sure how this would translate into our homes, but paired with a few other colours that are the ones to watch, I think it could be a great combo, for those who are spring personalities.

Here are 3 spring interiors style looks using the same colour palette all infused with Peach Fuzz 13-1023 in each but with different ways to style them. Taking time to consider your interior spring style, whether you are re-decorating or renovating or maybe just need a few changes to zhuzh things up a bit, by putting together a mood board of all the elements you love, will really help to create the vision you're after for your home design.

It's amazing how the space can be transformed when you play around with how / where the colour is used in a space. So don't be put off by a colour initially - perhaps it won't work for you on the walls but could look amazing on tiles / flooring? I always recommend clients view the elements they're considering to see what jumps out and aligns with their thoughts.

So if you're looking for a zingy kitchen update, country chic bedroom or a relaxed living room - check out these styles. I've picked a just a few keys pieces to show you how to bring the style to life. I'd love to know which one is your favourite?

country chic mood board paints and furniture
country chic spring style - peach fuzz

The essence of country chic spring interior style is florals and frills, try pattern clashing stripes with IKAT designs and florals too, look for pretty pieces and soft lines, keeping wooden furniture light and whitewashed gives it a contemporary look. Using darker colours on woodwork also gives a moody and dramatic feel.

zingy Kitchen mood board paint colours and accessories
Spring style Zingy Kitchen

For a zingy kitchen update use the bold colours on furniture / upholstery - adding a splashback in bright colour will also lift the space and give it some energy. These colours lend themselves to a retro feel in the kitchen space, complimented with vintage tableware. Let the Furniture do the talking, and have pops of colour in unexpected places.

relaxed living mood board paints and acessories
Relaxed living spring style

Relaxed living is a more subdued look with a pop of fun accessories, perhaps the most trend-led look of them all, but if you invest in timeless key pieces, like rugs / upholstery / tables you can have some fun with the accessories. Keeping walls, furniture, curtains neutral in colour adding pops of pattern in peach and green will give you relaxed living space, with some fun elements. The key to relaxed living is playing with textures.

So, I hope you enjoy finding your spring interior style. Starting with funding your colours is a great way to start before you experiment with how / where to use them. As always you can find more ideas on my Pinterest board

Let me know which style you were more aligned to below!

which Peach fuzz infused style do you prefer?

  • country chic

  • zingy kitchen

  • relaxed living

Maybe you’re unsure about how to choose your interior style this spring, or how to find a colour scheme you love? Or the potential for your home? Maybe you need practical advice on where to start with your renovation project?

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