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This seasons top interior trends: Autumn 2023

Here we are again, at the start of a new school year, a fresh new term and for many what feels like a start to the year ahead, forget January resolutions. September can feel like just as much of a brand new start.

I always find a big shift in the way I spend my time, as we head into Autumn. I like to cosy up at home, (dig out the crochet blanket - which is still a work in progress, by the way) looking forward to wearing snuggly socks, sitting by roaring fires, tucking in to delicious Sunday roasts and going long walks in crispy leaves.

So, there's no shortage of inspiration for your home when it comes to this time of year - and right now making our homes more inviting places to spend the next few months feels like the right time, doesn't it?

Togo Sofa with anthology wallpaper
Togo Sofa with anthology wallpaper
Image credit: Anthology

I talk a lot about the seasons in my work - I'm really inspired by what's going on outdoors, and how this can effect your mood in your home. I'd really encourage you to tune in which seasons bring you the most joy and echo that in your living spaces. I don't advise my clients to follow trends as such, as it's such a throwaway industry - it's much more about injecting your own personality into a space, and having a space which in turn can improve your wellbeing - through well thought out design, materials and colour.

decorating a modern home that's really going to make it easy for you to just 'be',

to live your life to the full, and make memories.

So, for those of you that might be an Autumn personality you'll love these recent picks that would make the most magnificent Kitchen & Dining space. And if you're not sure which season you are - take a peek and see whether any of these would give you a warm cosy feeling?

The recent interior trends are all about creating a softness, adding loads of texture through tactile materials, and a warmer cosier feeling in the home. So look for rounded shapes, bouclé fabrics and delicate stripes.

The key colour trends are warm chocolate / tobacco / damson sorts of shades, as well as greens - I love green personally, but I wanted to show you how you can use these warmer brown shades in your home. Paired with a lovely pale blue it feels modern and crisp.

Little greene sweet treats paint collection
Little Greene Sweet Teats new colour collection

Little Greene have just launched a range of new shades - called ''sweet treats' colours recreated with inspiration from the National Trust. So I couldn't wait to use one in this edit of trends for 2023. You can find more about the range of colours here.

Another key trend is graphic prints, and fun accessories. Pair them with natural stones creating a subtle modern home with lots of character and charm.

As always I try to source sustainably and locally too, whilst this isn't always possible by choosing low VOC paints, to recycled materials, and products which are made in the UK you can create a timeless home, that does have a more positive impact on the planet. By not following trends per se, but simply tuning in to what you feel most comfortable around - anything goes, and this by it's very nature is the more sustainable way to decorate.

The interior edit: Autumn 2023 features some amazing suppliers who I'd love to introduce you to (if you don't already know them!) ...

Ian Mankin has a wonderful range of stripe fabrics, are designed and woven in Lancashire for instance. Curiosa and Curiosa have a fabulous showroom in the peak district, all handmade their lighting is just the statement piece you need. The wallpaper from Cole and Son is a recent collab with Stella McCartney,

'The wallpaper has been printed on a new eco substrate derived from 79% renewable fibres whose manufacturing process uses 30% less greenhouse gases than traditional non-woven wallcoverings, making Fungi Forest Cole & Son's most sustainable wallpaper to date'

Isn't that just fabulous! Plus a few other key pieces from more high street retailers.

Interior design trend Autumn 2023 | Interiors by NC
Interior design trend Autumn 2023 | Interiors by NC
All Image credits below

Kitchen: Painted in 'Muscavado'
Table Linen: h&

I'd love to know if you are considering any elements of this edit for your home, this autumn?

Want to know more?

Book a Style session - find out how to incorporate some of these latest trends in your home

See more of the trend boards and inspiration on my Pinterest account here.

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