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5 inexpensive ways to improve your home, and create a unique home all about you!

I design homes which are harmonious to you and your personality. Designing your home for how you want to live is the key to creating a unique home, all about you.

Whether you are a summer, winter, spring or autumn personality greatly depends on what sort of things you should surround yourself with in your home, but before you get into how you want your home to look, there are some practical things you can do in your home, which are inexpensive and will make you feel right at home.

Have you ever wondered why some homes just don't feel like you, perhaps you got bowled over by the size or style of a property but never really felt at home there? Sure the colour and the décor can affect how you feel in a space, and sometimes it's hard to see past previous owners ideas and tastes. Take your time, get to know your home, where do you spend time in the morning, who uses the kitchen, where do you like to spend time relaxing?

Once you've asked yourself some important questions and are ready to get started. Of course budgeting for your renovation can be difficult, and with lead-times and materials costs changing all the time, perhaps you're looking for some relatively inexpensive ways to begin before splashing the cash?

I wanted to share with you my go to 5 inexpensive ways to improve your home, and make it all about you;

1. Upgrade lighting

Choose LED! adjusting your lighting can make a big impact on how you use a space, and how it feels, with warm and cool temperature bulbs which can also affect how a space feels. See my earlier blog post for more tips on lighting here. Also by upgrading LED, it is more energy efficient and therefore will save on the bills too - it's a win win!!

Nest Tala LED lighting
Nest Tala LED lighting

2. Kerb appeal

Addressing the entrance to your property can not only make you feel good, but can add to the value of your home, whilst making sure sure that it's a nice welcome for you or your visitors. A few pot plants, will create a nice approach to your home. Painting your front door can also make a house look more loved and welcoming. Adding a security light also adds the benefit of being able to see on darker evenings, and make your home look more cosy and inviting and crucially deter any unwanted visitors.

So if you're looking for an instant change to your home, starting with the front entrance is a great idea - and sometimes one that can be overlooked.

Front door painted in Dulux weathershield Vast Lake
Front door painted in Dulux weathershield Vast Lake

3. Plan a utility room or cupboard

Having the option to hide away appliances creates a more spacious uncluttered look. We know that having clutter around the home leads to stress, and there's nothing worse than seeing the mountain of washing piling up in the corner of the room! You can use an old boiler cupboard or water tank cupboard to make a small utility room. It's amazing what you can fit into these little nooks, so don't overlook the potential to disguise and hideaway these items.

IKEA utility room storage
IKEA utility room storage

4. Paint Kitchen cupboards

Considering ripping out the awful kitchen on day 1? Hang on, instead of replacing tired or worn out cupboards, consider painting - Little Greene offer a range of eco friendly paints. and you could also vinyl wrap them too, a really quick way to make a dark dated kitchen or simply not to your taste kitchen last that much longer before you embark on a major project. Kitchen refits can be really costly, and not to mention disruptive jobs to undertake, plus if there is nothing strictly wrong with the cupboards then it's much more sustainable to paint / cover existing units that buying new for the sake of design.

Light Bronze Green Kitchen Little Greene
Light Bronze Green Kitchen Little Greene

5.Make an entrance

The question I get asked the most - is where do I start with my new / new to me home!? You've just got the keys and instantly want your home to feel like your own space - I like to start in the hallway inject some colour, add coat hooks / shoe storage and a mirror and it will feel transformed! Also adding artwork and pictures which you love will immediately transform the space and make it feel more your own.

A new stairs carpet, or runner is also going to make a home feel renewed and more like your own.

The Pink House via Alternative Flooring
The Pink House via Alternative Flooring

Do let me know if you try any of these 5 ways to start off your home renovation, or if this has inspired you at least to begin, with some enthusiasm? I know renovating a home, or getting round to re-doing your existing home can be quite overwhelming....

If you'd like some more specific help with your home, and you'd like to work with me - I'm now taking enquiries for projects beginning January 2023. If you'd like to get in touch then simply subscribe to stay up to date via the website here or email to register your interest, and we'll book a FREE initial consultation.

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