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Bathroom Transformation: Our Top 10 Tips

Bathroom renovations, along with kitchen renovations, can be one of the more daunting interior projects to tackle – so today we are bringing you our top 10 bathroom transformation tips to hopefully make the process a little easier. From helpful hints to make the practical considerations straight forward, to ideas for some slightly more unusual ways to personalise your space (bathrooms don’t have to be boring white boxes!) we hope that by the end of this read your head will be buzzing with ways to create the bathroom transformation of your dreams! Whether you are planning a full bathroom redesign or are just hoping to spruce up your existing space, these 10 tips will help you create the bathroom you have always wanted.

1: Be prepared to compromise

Perhaps not the most inspiring of first tips but I am afraid it is one of the most important when it comes to bathroom transformations. Each and every bathroom comes with its own set of unique ‘non-negotiables’. Of course, given a lot more headache and money, the framework of most rooms can be altered to reconfigure the space, however, most projects involve an element of compromise.

Is there really enough space to accommodate a large free-standing bath, a spacious walk-in shower and a luxurious double basin? Often the answer is unfortunately no, so deciding early on which of your wish list is the most important to you can really help the design process run smoothly. Imagine yourself living with each of your wish-list design features to establish which one would make the biggest difference to you before adding that to your list of must-haves so that if the time comes for compromises to be made, you have already considered what they should be in detail.

2: Ask yourself the important questions

As the age old saying goes - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. When planning a bathroom transformation, it is really important to ask yourself certain questions before you begin to ensure you get the most out of your redesign. Tracking your daily routines can be a great way to establish what will be most important to you in your new bathroom space, specifying which changes will be the best for you. Think about noting how you use your current bathroom space; do you prefer a shower or a bath? Is one for convenience but one an added luxury? Would you love an overhead shower fixture, or do you never use the one you have as you opt for the handheld fixture? Is your shower curtain infuriating to keep clean? Are you forever finding yourself running out of storage space in your current bathroom?

Here are some of the questions we think would be the most helpful to ask yourself:

What is your daily routine?

How much storage is required?

What is your budget?

How many people will use the room?

Does the space need to be child friendly?

What do you not like about your current space?

3: Carefully plan the layout

Once you have asked the important questions, the next step in a bathroom transformation project is designing the layout of the space. By establishing your daily routines and analysing what you would love from the design you should now be able to create a wish list of items to have in your space.

Knowing the bones of your bathroom space, where the soil stack is located for example, can then be correlated with your wish list to create the best layout. At this stage, compromises may have to be made as to which items on your wish list can practically fit into the room to create a functional and comfortable space. A good bathroom layout is so important as it needs to be a highly functional space in order to create an environment in which you can relax and feel at ease.

4: The shower/bath debate

One of the most commonly found compromises in a bathroom is to do with baths and showers. Getting the decision right is really important, so we have created a little checklist to help you decide which is best for you.

Is mobility a consideration? If you are planning for the longevity of your bathroom transformation, climbing over the side of a bath to stand in your shower is not practical for anyone with limited mobility or compromised balance. If this is the case, prioritising a walk-in shower is most likely the best option – think about choosing a low-level or flush to the floor shower tray for the ultimate accessibility.

If you have young children, a bath is a great choice and also a sensible investment if you are planning the resale value of your house in a family-orientated area.

If a long soak in the bath is just what you need at the end of a busy week, but you choose a shower during the week for convenience, having both a bath and a shower would be the ideal design. If space is tight however, a shower over the bath may be the right decision for you.

5: Storage storage storage!

One of the best ways to make your bathroom space work harder is to integrate more storage into the design. Cluttered bathrooms do not feel like the calming sanctuary a bathroom should be.

If you are planning a full bathroom transformation, you have the luxury of identifying how much storage you will need and designing for this. However, even if you are just giving your space a freshen up, you can still integrate some more storage and implement better organisation to really improve your bathroom space. Adding storage below basins, including some upcycled furniture or even just adding some shelving can be a wonderful way to upgrade your bathroom.

6: Get the lighting right

As with any other interior design project, the key to a successful lighting scheme is the implementation of layered lighting. Decorative lighting such as a pendant fixture creates visual impact and can be a wonderful focal point. General lighting should provide sufficient illumination, whereas task lighting could be considered around a bathroom mirror for example to ensure tasks such as shaving or applying makeup can be performed safely and clearly. If you often use the bathroom during the night, adding a soft night light is a great addition so you can avoid being woken fully by bright harsh lighting. If your bathroom has features such as shelves and niches, accent lighting around these can really make the design sing. Layering lighting in this way will help to create a design which is both functional and embodies the desired atmosphere and mood.

7: Consider the details

Considering the little, often overlooked details of a bathroom is one of the best ways to elevate your bathroom transformation. A stunning new bathroom design can be completely ruined by an unsightly toilet brush, so finding stylish ways of incorporating these necessary items is well worth the head scratching! If you are completing a full redesign, pull-out storage can be designed to conceal items such as bins and toilet brushes. Alternatively, if you are sprucing up an existing design, many companies offer toilet brushes, loo-roll holders and bins to complement their other designs, matching the finishes and shapes of other items in the room. Many an item can also be cleverly disguised in a beautiful container or basket!

8: Add some life with plants

Adding some plants to your bathroom is one of the easiest ways to give it a new boost of life, providing great texture, colour and a fresh, spa like feel. House plants do require a little bit of love, care and attention, but luckily there are several plants which love a bathroom environment. Plants which love humidity are great for bathrooms, thriving in this space.

Here are some of the best plants to add to your bathroom:

Rattlesnake plant

Asparagus Fern

Air Plant

Prayer Plant

There are some really great independents in Sheffield here's a few of my favourites - Plantology, Gravel pit and Feels like home, head there to pick up the perfect plant for your space.

9: Make it personal

Does a bathroom have to be a blank white space, lacking in colour, pattern and personality? They can be adjacent to the most wonderfully decorated home and look stark in comparison. Knowing what brings you joy and designing this into the bathroom transformation enables you to create the perfect space. A great way to do this is through colour – sanitaryware doesn’t have to be white and there is a great selection of coloured options out there! Maybe you could add some wallpaper into the scheme for a burst of colour and pattern? Or perhaps a statement piece of artwork could hang on the walls?

Even if colour and pattern are not things you personally enjoy, maybe you love experimenting with texture and would love to incorporate a wider variety of natural materials in your bathroom – there is always a way to inject a little more personality into your bathroom!

10: Add the luxurious extras which will mean the most to you

It can sometimes be easy to get sucked in by gadgets and gimmicks when redesigning a space, allocating too much of your budget to things which rarely get used, however, adding a few well-considered luxuries to your bathroom will really help get the most out of your space. If you are an avid reader and love nothing more than sinking into a deep bubble bath and diving between the pages of a good book, something as simple as a bookshelf or a bath rack with a reading stand will provide a luxurious experience.

If you have opted for a tiled floor, underfloor heating is a lovely luxury, allowing you to walk on warm tiles in bare feet – no more morning chill on the toes! If you can’t resist belting out Beyoncé in the shower, the accompaniment of some backing music via a waterproof bathroom speaker could be the added luxury that will transform your bathroom – adding the extras that mean most to you will really make your bathroom perfect for you.

We hope there have been a few (or a lot!) of helpful tips and tricks here to inspire your bathroom transformation project, however, if it all sounds a little overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start we would love to help. You can check out our services here or subscribe to our newsletter for a monthly instalment of interior design content.


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