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Are you ready for your Virtual Appointment? 'Style Sessions' are back!

Are you short of time, stuck for ideas and a starting point for your interior project? Would you like some design expertise, tailored to you and your home? Maybe you’re unsure about how to choose your interior style, how to find a colour scheme? Or the potential for your home? Maybe you need practical advice on where to start with your renovation project?

Would you like to talk through these ideas with me? Location is not an issue - I've worked with clients in London, Manchester, New York and Tokyo all virtually - I'm really excited to meet you and have a virtual cuppa, as we start the journey to creating your unique home!

The diary is now open to book your 1 hour 'style session'!

Why Virtual Appointments?

It's been quite a journey getting here before going freelance in January. Over the last 3.5 years I worked in a very well-established high end furniture store, in their soft furnishings showroom. I stepped away from carbon copy order books, fax machines and spending more time organising pattern books, than I care to remember. To concentrate on what I do best, delivering my clients a bespoke interior design service and creating unique rooms, all about you. I love transforming spaces, and creating homes my clients enjoy.

With a focus on independent, locally sourced and sustainable items, that make your home wonderful. By working virtually this is more accessible in terms of pricing for you, as long as you don't mind having a little work to do on your part (such as measurements and photo's) but it's really straightforward.

You don't need to come to store, or try and explain awkward spaces from memory, and weird windows (of which I've seen rather a few!)... I'm on hand to give you advice, practical tips, and with the latest industry knowledge at your fingertips to create your unique space. I've truly loved getting to know my clients virtually over the past few months, and to be able to help you on the spot with design dilemmas, and deliver brilliant ideas through 'Style Sessions'

Here's what my recent client had to say about our virtual sessions -read it here

Spending time and a bit of money on our house has felt hugely positive and satisfying thing to do during a time of so much uncertainty. It’s filled me with optimism and a sense of clarity. I highly recommend giving it a go. And Nicola’s words of wisdom to me were to do things in tiny steps to get started. If you just organise one shelf of one cupboard, it can start the momentum to bigger things. Good luck if you decide to go for it!

Here's why 'Style Sessions' are great

1. You can show me the rooms in the entirety

2. I can easily see how one room flows into the next

3. I'm trained to see through clutter/mess!! (don't let that stop you!)

4. If you have existing pieces that we can utilise, we can discuss this (it might even save you some £££)

5. There's no travel time, it's just super quick and convenient

6. It's more cost effective for you

7. block bookings are available if you'd like a few sessions of advice, and then you can proceed with your project with the knowledge of what to do, and how to get it right

8. We can get to know each other much quicker than just over email, or a telephone call

9. We work around your commitments

10. You'll have someone to bounce your ideas off, and get you excited about your project

How does a 'style session' work?

Once you've told me about what you'd like help with in the session, and we've agreed an appointment time that works for you, you'll receive a Zoom meeting invitation via email. Simply click the link at the allocated time, (a phone/ laptop is all you need!) and have your queries ready!

You'll come away with practical tips and suggestions, and loads of ideas, which will be detailed following our session for you to refer to, at your leisure.

If you'd like further design ideas, such as mood boards, room layouts, scheme boards, and more detailed advice on where to source and complete interior design - this will gladly be arranged for you to take your project to the next step.

I look forward to working with you, and if you're not ready just yet for your 'Style Session' but know someone who is, please share this with them!


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