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Candy Stripes and Spring vibes - Spring 2022 interior trends and how to bring them into your home

Spring is a great time to invest in your home, but there are loads of spring 2022 trends for your home, here's a few of the ones we've selected to show you how to use them, and bring spring vibes into your home.

I should add that unless this trend fits in your seasonal personality, then don't get carried away with having the latest thing! The most sustainable way is to design your home staying true to your tastes and budget.

That way you won't be tempted to replace things for the sake of it, when something 'new' comes along.

Instead focus on your homes true style, the layout of the property and how you wish to live - if something 'on trend' fits in with that - by all means then go for it!

Statement headboards

One trend that is here to stay is the statement headboard - one of my favourite designers Kit Kemp uses this as her signature look, in the very beautiful Firmdale's hotels. I absolutely love this look, and if you like simple elegant rooms that pack a punch, consider a statement headboard, which will surely jazz up any space and add some fun.

Upholstery and Flooring are another 2 key ways in which you can introduce colour and texture into a room. Both quite easily adaptable if you wish to make changes in an instant too. But by adding a bold patterned Rug you can really create a wow factor in a room, which is otherwise quite plain.

With upholstery, there are so many wonderful fabrics to choose from, and an array of styles it's a great way to really make a space feel like your own! By mixing patterns you create a eclectic style, using a large scale geometric such as this chevron, paired with an oversized abstract floral really work well together.

Bold curtains

Another one of my favourite designers is Manuel Canovas. I love the playful, light-heartedness of their designs, and these soft sugary tones are perfect for Spring. These soft pale pistachio and raspberry colours work well with a warm off white shade, and paired with a simple stripe sofa in sky blue it's a dreamy combination!

Choosing patterned curtains can feel quite daunting, but if you opt for soft shades, once gathered up seemingly a bold design becomes a lot less obvious. And if you're tempted by a wallpaper but don't want to overdo it, simply adding some panelling details will keep it looking interesting and understated. If you have fabulous moulding like this, then of course make a feature of them, if not you can get a joiner to create some simple moulding for you at a relatively cost effect price if you're wanting to add some character back into your property.

These soft sugary pastel shades are the perfect spring like upgrade we need in our homes right now, something fresh and uplifting. Again by mixing patterns you can achieve a coordinated look, using a bold large scale pattern with a smaller stripe keeps it feeling classic and simple.

Let there be light

one of the joys of spring is the lighter mornings, and evenings, but don't overlook what the right lighting can do for your home as well. There are some really fun pieces out there now that make lighting less of a necessity and something you can actually have some fun with.

I visited the Curiosa & Curiosa showroom last year, it's in the beautiful Matlock and it is just wonderful! I love these fun hand blown glass glowbule lights. Made to order these handmade pieces offer a really sustainable option too, as they are produced specifically for you. Handblown glass by it's very nature is also a sustainable resource, as it can be recycled after it's lifetime.

Why have boring lighting when you could have something fun and uplifting? Let me know if you'd like to discover more of their ranges too, as I work with them to create the perfect piece for your home! Discuss a bespoke piece today.

Accessorize with ruffles and stripes

Soft stripes and checks are all in too, why not upgrade your bedding and cushions; another way of creating a new look in a room without having to redecorate. by refreshing your bedding and pillows to compliment your walls and existing curtains, could be sometimes all you need to give a space a lift, and make it feel new again.

Image credit Glassette PRAIRIEE Lilian Ruffle Cushion
Image credit Glassette PRAIRIEE Lilian Ruffle Cushion

Dunelm have some really affordable styles of bedding too - sometimes the budget doesn't stretch to luxury for everything, bedding is one of the things I would change quite often in a room, so it makes sense to spend a little less here, and invest in fabulous wallpapers and curtains, they're the real showstoppers that going to stand to the test of time! Instead of choosing white for bedding (which is always a good option if you're unsure what to do...) you could have a bit of fun too, playing with pattern.

A soft stripe will really make an impact in a room, and wouldn't date too much either, it's a classic after all.

Inspiration from nature

New shoots: spring is coming, so why not introduce all the botanicals into your home, making the inside blend seamlessly with outside, is a good way to make your home feel larger, and more spacious. Also connecting with nature is great for your wellbeing, so it makes sense to have natural elements in your home.

Faux plants aren't going out of fashion either- if gardening is not really your thing, don't overlook the power of plants. Known for their calming benefits, and adding some freshness and optimism into a space, you can always choose faux. The more you spend the more realistic these tend to be, and also as they require zero effect to look after should last a whole lot longer too!

There's a great selection over at OKA, choose a few to really make an impact, and dot them around your space, you'll be surprised how much difference a few plants can make to a room,

Outdoor Living

Thinking about spending more time outdoors again - these are new from Romo. As we know the great British weather isn't always too great, so these outdoor cushions made from waterproof fabrics should last, if you forget and leave them out in the rain!

How about creating your own little alfresco garden bar, perfect for all those jubilee parties coming up!...

Habitat alfresco bar
Image credit Habitat

Just a few ideas for your home this spring 2022 - from statement headboards, bold curtains, fun lighting and those little details of ruffled and striped accessories, to introducing more botanicals and creating fun outdoor living spaces.

Will you take inspiration from the latest trends, or maybe you just want to take a few ideas and do it in your own style? Whatever you decide stay true to your inner seasonal personality, and it will all come together beautifully.

If you'd like to find out more about what styles would suit your home, if you have any questions or are thinking about staring a project - do register your interest here as I'll be taking on new client projects from January 2023!

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