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Calming Spaces

This week over on Instagram, I have been talking about calming spaces. Those spaces where you can sit, contemplate and retreat from your busy day-to-day.

Have you found during lock down that having a calming space is something that you need? If it is, and you'd like practical advise on 'how to: create a calming space' I've got another blog post for you - you can pin it too! Creating a calming space does require some thought, and you really have think about what 'calming' means to you, you'll need to edit it down, get rid of clutter, but you'll feel lighter afterwards I'm sure.

Here are some of my inspirational ideas for a calming space;

Different styles can still give you a sense of calm, here I looked at 4 rooms, so i wanted to talk a bit more about how and why they work.

  1. Minimalist - in both colour and furniture style, really edited and simple.

  2. Botanical - here you can use pattern, and texture, but stick to a botanical theme with colours found in nature

  3. Relaxed - this has some detail, but textured add added layers but in with simple clean lines and grids.

  4. Deep colours - that cocoon a space, the ceiling, skirting boards and wall painted the same, take one shade and run with it, no holding back and no contrasting elements.

Images: Minimalist- Ikea, Botanical - Ashley Wilde, Relaxed - Dulux, Deep colour - Farrow and Ball

I love this relaxed botanical style. Image by Marks and Spencer

Minimalist Styling. Image by Graham and Green

So you see, calming can mean all different things to everyone! I worked with a client back in 2018, to update her classic lounge. With busy work schedules, the client wanted a calming room to sit in the evenings, something fresher and more up to date. The client wanted to keep the existing sofa, so we changed some elements.

I modernised the curtains for a box pleat pelmet instead of swags, we changed the carpet to a more plush version, and then gave the wall colour a slightly pinker tone. Together this made the room feel elegant and fresh.

Box Pleat Pelmet
Classic Lounge

I was so thrilled when she told me how lovely it was to now have that relaxing, calming room she wanted.

"I am so glad I took your advice, I wasn't sure I'd like it at first, but I absolutely love it"

Sometimes you don't need to do a complete overhaul, with a few quick changes you can transform a room relatively easily.

If you'd like to create a calming space in your home, then please do get in touch.

Hope to see you again soon,


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