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2021 trend prediction...

As we embark on the remainder of 2020, the start of decade. I think we can all agree it has been quite a year so far, it's had me wondering. What has been your highlight interior trend over the last decade, and what will interiors in 2021 look like?

We'll there's some good news, I think the idea of the latest trend is; there isn't just ONE trend! Good news for some, but for others the overwhelm of how to mix styles, can be hard to get right sometimes.

What would you describe your home style as?

For me, I really don't follow a trend, I have some art deco influences but also a very minimal kitchen. I love a really eclectic style and will mix era's, with some older pieces, second hand, vintage and some modern with a dash of colour and lots of pattern - I prefer to buy key pieces that I love, totally in isolation. and then just mix them all together!

The 10 biggest trends over the last decade

  1. Scandi

  2. Hygge

  3. feature walls

  4. millennial pink

  5. grey

  6. industrial

  7. the metro tile

  8. pampas grass

  9. copper

  10. neon signs

To name a few that spring to mind, all these styles / trends we've seen have made waves in interiors, but over the last few years and it seems moving forward that we are going to be less confined to find one trend and stick with it, in its entirety.

A particular highlight of my year is the Focus trade show in September. Before the mad dash for clients who "have to have it all ready for Christmas". It's a great time for me to be inspired by all of the new collections, heading to London and perusing the interior showrooms! This year is a little different though, I attended Focus trade show virtually a few weeks ago. A lot of the conversations and design ideas were based on how we are wanting to make connections, the issues we face with global warming, how design is going to be far more considered for our changing lifestyles, and also to reflect our need for nostalgia and the familiar in the wake of the pandemic.

How will this translate into the trends for our homes for 2021?

There's not just one interior trend for 2021 - instead it's more of a mood. Anything goes really but mostly it's about our love of nature, and our need for connection and wellness. So, lets take a look at some of the highlights and see how these themes could translate into our homes.


The wonderful english country garden could be emulated in your home, with Sanderson's collaboration with the National Trust. Their new collections which are a celebration of National Trust places of historic interest or natural beauty, with designs taken from their archives. A micro trend emerging is also 'cottagecore' and this summer with brits largely staycationing we've spent lots of time enjoying our gardens. What does this mean for your home? Think florals, greenery, natural fibres, anything that gives us a sense of calm and envelopes us in natural surroundings.

Image Credit: Style Library


Now we are spending so much time in our homes, there is a need for more multi-purpose and multi-use items. Spaces and products we use within our spaces need to adapt, they should be flexible and suit our ever changing needs in our home. A particular highlight was this beautifully designed chair / bookcase / storage item - it's called Verso, by La Perre Frey.

I don't know how to describe it other than amazing and a real statement piece, the wood is as much as a feature as the rich upholstery, surely the backs of sofas have the potential to be much more than just a big blank space no one wants to look at?....

Another key topic in design is our mission to reduce pollution, chemicals and promote the use of more natural materials in our homes, alongside more sustainable production methods.

If you've wondered how to get a better nights sleep - make sure you are surrounded by natural fibres which will promote better sleep, choose wool mattresses, which regulate temperature and hardwood bedframes, to help create a more relaxing sleep space.

Image Credit: The Natural Bed Company


We're wanting to recreate a sense of nostalgia, classic design trends are back. Frilled sink curtain anyone? There's going to be trend towards filling our homes with memories, rather than just having cool spaces to show off. This home is full period features, patterned walls, old oil paintings but with modern elements mixed in. I love the style and appreciate the sense of personality it has.

Image Credit: Laura Jackson

The future of design could well be very different moving forward into 2021 - my top tip for you is to pick a mood rather than a trend, create a home you'll enjoy and that can evolve with you, and make it more sustainable by buying better and investing in key pieces.

Over the next few blog posts, I'm going to share my ideas around these themes, and show you how you can introduce these moods into your home!

As always, if you'd like to discuss your home, and how to make it work for you book a FREE initial consultation and let's discuss how we can make your home really work for you.

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