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Why you should invest in good lighting

Designer lighting isn't cheap, but let me tell you, if you buy 'cheap' you'll likely buy twice. Lighting can transform a room, a dark corner, add drama and make a room practical.

You should aim to have lighting on 3 levels.

You should consider Ambient lighting, Task lighting and Accent lighting. (and never just spotlights - no matter what the builders or electricians tell you!) A lighting plan is really important, its great to have lighting that draws your eye to little niches, picks up on textured wallpapers or highlights your favourite artwork too.

Below is an excellent example;

Central ceiling pendant, wall lights for ambient lighting, and then 2 task lamps either side of the sofa, and 2 accent lamps at the sides near the window! Wow - 7 lights in one space!! You can never have too much lighting, more often it is too little, and neglected.

Image credit: Davide Lovatti via Homes and Gardens

Architects can offer lighting plans when in the design and build process, and from experience if you'd like lighting next to a sofa like above (magazines are always showing beautiful images like this) then you require hidden sockets in the floors, and other things that can make it difficult to amend later, when you just want to 'pop a lamp here or there'.

Lighting is one of the first steps to think about in a room design, but can often be overlooked until the final stages of the design, so if you'd like my advice, it's don't leave it until it's too late. By working with your Architect and Interior designer you'll be able to assess all the functions of the room and what you need, at various times of day, and do invest in good quality lighting that you will always love, rather than very trend led pieces.

I'm really passionate about sustainability in home design, and giving my clients unique homes, instead of buying multiple cheaper versions just to have the room 'finished' it's better to invest in a piece you really love, that will stand the test of time!

Photo credit: Tom Raffield

I'm always on the lookout at trade shows and showrooms for really amazing lighting, the perfect pieces to compliment a room can be hard to find, but there are so many great designers and brands in the UK - I love to support British made if i can! There's a lore more thought that goes into including a piece in a scheme, than whether it just looks nice or not!

So, here are some of my go to UK brands - but shh, don't tell everyone!

J adams & co - Made in Birmingham

Tom Raffield - Made in Cornwall

Porta Romana - Made in the UK ( and now offer a refurbishment service)

Lighting can be difficult to get right, let me take the stress out of searching and point you in the right direction with my knowledge of trusted UK suppliers. If you'd like to discuss how to get the right lighting for your home book your free Initial consultation here.

See you again soon,


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