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How to introduce the 'Very Peri' pantone colour of the year 2022 into your home

Let's start 2022 with an optimistic trend alert!

Very Peri 17-3938 is pantone colour of the year 2022, so what does that mean for your home? As you know I'm not a huge fan of 'trends' but I am often inspired by nature and natural materials so I do think we should consider what this vibrant, uplifting shade could do for our homes, much like it does in our gardens.


A sort of blue/purple a bit stronger than lilac, it packs a punch and is a very uplifting, optimistic colour - I'm sure we all need something like this in our homes at the moment. Do you have any of these in your garden, or have you seen any in the gardens of Sheffield - what a delightful little flower it is!

How could 'Very Peri' translate into your home...

This shade (much like any other) is not for everyone - it is more suited to a spring / summer personality, so you might not want to go floor to ceiling in this colour, but maybe introducing accessories with pops of colour, perhaps the odd vase here and there, or maybe a blind or a carpet if you're feeling brave enough!

There are lots of colour combinations this will work with too, whether you want a room that feels harmonious, or perhaps you're considering a riot of colour? A little goes a long way.

Here I've given you some suggestions of how you could use the shade and create a more optimistic feeling in your home for 2022 - perhaps it's time to be brave, and have some fun!?

I'd be inclined to add a dash of this colour in with other textures and natural shades, keeping it feeling calm and fresh.

Works well with:

Accent colours suggestions in Orange, Lime, and Dusky Pink.

Keep the colours tonal - but pops of lime green, dusky pink and a bright orange would be a welcoming array of shades. It has a nostalgic and slightly retro feel, but also providing a feeling of a fun, fresh optimistic start to the year!

Very Peri Trend - pantone colour of the year 2022


Blind: Wool ripple from

Accent chair:


I hope you liked this Edit - and you feel brave enough to consider using this colour in your home! Go on, have some fun.

If you need more brave and bold ideas you might like to follow me on Pinterest and see where I share other thoughts on rooms and how this colour has been paired and used too!

If you'd like to introduce this trend into your home, or advice on finding your right colours - click here to Book your FREE initial consultation and let's make 2022 a year of making you and your home happy!

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