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Time for an interior refresh? Sharing our top interior picks in collaboration with Pad Lifestyle

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

A new year means starting afresh. And, after spending the last year cooped up in our homes, why not start 2021 on a positive note, with an interior design renovation.

Even something as small as a new light fixture can make a big difference to the look of your home.

So, why not get ahead of your spring clean, and add some of our most coveted interior items with the help of the team at PAD Lifestyle, who have shared their top interior trends to take note of for the upcoming season.

Opulent Grandeur

The ‘Opulent Grandeur’ trend is still set to make a statement in the new year, with luxurious lighting and bold, velvet furniture being the key pieces to encapsulate the style, which will appeal to any style-conscious homeowner.

If you’re looking for a simple update to the home, why not try a statement lighting option?

To create an opulent look in any room in the home, this pendant light from designer Menu should be on the top of your list.

Whether it’s the kitchen, living or dining room, this striking centre-piece will certainly go down a treat in a modern or simplistic interior design scheme,

Alternatively, if you’re willing to splurge and are in need of new statement furniture, look no further than the Pols Potten Fauteuil Velvet Chair, in this stunning emerald green shade.

With its decadent velvet finish, sleek styling and Scandi-chic vibes, this sofa will stand the test of time and style, making any living room feel elegant, particularly in its on-trend shade.

Be at one with nature

Being stuck indoors for months on end, we’ve grown to love taking walks and exploring the world around us much more than normal.

And with plants playing a hugely important role in our mental wellbeing, incorporating plants into your interior design scheme has been proven to boost your mood.

Of course, there’s the obvious way of adding potted plants and beautiful vases to your home to make sure you’re getting enough greenery across your home.

The Echasse Vase from Menu will be a great hit with those who like subtle design features, but with a modern twist, with its use of coloured glass.

But, if you’re looking for something a bit more intriguing, look no further than the Design House Stockholm, Greenhouse Terrarium.

Crafted by the much-loved Swedish design brand, this indoor garden will allow you to embrace this trend in its entirety, with its light wood finish working perfectly within a minimalist interior design scheme.

Make a statement with bright, bold rugs

Being big fans of hardwood flooring, we understand why this stylish option is a popular trend across many homes.

Unfortunately, with wood flooring, you can sometimes hear cases of homeowner’s missing the comfort of carpet underfoot.

One way to easily get around this is by utilising rugs of all different fabrics, sizes and colours.

And luckily, for 2021, statement rugs are very in for the season, and can really inject life into a space, along with added comfort.

If you’re a fan of open plan living spaces, you can really go to town with colour and pattern, like this Aerial Tulip Rug from design brand Pols Potten.

For smaller spaces, opt for more muted colours, adding texture to give the space depth, but not overpower the room.

The muted stripe pattern of this Layered Limestone Wool Rug allows for creative expression without making a bold colour or pattern statement. Paired with being made from an environmentally friendly Tencel and wool mix, this rug will make your home look good without a huge impact on the planet.

We’d love to hear your favourite styles from the new-in PAD Lifestyle range, and be sure to visit their website for more fashion-friendly pieces at

And as part of the collaboration, we’re also proud to announce that Interiors By NC has also been selected to feature in PAD Lifestyle’s ‘Recommended Interior Designers’ list.

The team at PAD Lifestyle had this to say about us:

“Your home is your safe space, which is why it’s vital that it is an area that you can come home to and feel comfortable and unwind after a long day.

“Nicola’s way of creating spaces that improve your wellbeing is something we can really appreciate here at PAD Lifestyle, and she will be with you every step of the way to creating the perfect place for you to call home.

“By designing and utilising spaces to become functional rooms that work for you and your family, Nicola listens to each homeowner’s preferences to provide a trend-led home that will never date.

“And, of course, her wonderful testimonials speak for themselves, which is why we’re proud to include Nicola and her team in the PAD Lifestyle Recommended Interior Designers list”.

Thank you PAD lifestyle team! Don't forget you can get in touch here; to discuss a project you have in mind!

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