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The view from your window: Colour Inspiration

The weather has been mostly great during the lock down wasn't it? Also did anyone else see Grayson's Art Club Episode 4 ' View from your window'? It got me thinking, as the shops are beggining to get back to normal again, maybe you'd like to start with that Interior project but you are not sure where to start.

After a dreary few days in Sheffield last week, I snapped this moment, out of the window. Even in the rain there's so much colour out there, rich greens, pops of yellow and purple. Nature is always a great source of colour inspiration! As a starting point you could head outside, or just look at the view out your window, collect some quick photos of things you are drawn to! It could be bright colours, muddy, earthy tones or the pale blue sky. Did you know that Farrow and Ball have collaborated with The Natural History museum for a collection of 16 new paint colours, all inspired by Nature.

Werner’s Nomenclature recorded in painstaking detail the exact hues and corresponding parts of animals, vegetables and minerals from across the natural world, becoming a treasured resource for scientists and artists alike.

photo credit: Farrow and Ball - True colours of nature

Are you tempted by colour, and then dodge it to go with something 'neutral' at the last minute? It's a big step if you haven't decorated for a few years. But that's where I'd love to give you the confidence with using colour in your home.

Take advantage of a FREE initial consultation where you can discuss your concerns before starting on a colour consultation, to really make the most of your home, and save some expensive mistakes.

Colour is not something I'm scared about using, but it's all about finding the tight tones, and the ones that work for you, after all it's your home, but don't take it from me. One of my colour consultation clients had this to say about our project.

"Nic has given us some really lovely ideas. Inspired by the materials and styles we love, with some exciting and unexpected surprises thrown in"

If you'd like help with injecting some colour into your home, please get in touch.

Hope to see you again soon,


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