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Mood Booster Blooms

I aim to support local businesses as much as possible, and after researching sustainable florists, I was struck by how inspiring Sheffield based, Roots and Bloom is. One of the key factors for me designing spaces for my clients, is to enable clients to surround themselves with things they love, and really provide an environment that supports their well-being. Most often, it is that connection with nature which we need now, more than ever. I'm also passionate about supporting locally made, and sustainable sources right down to those all important finishing touches.

So, I'd love to introduce you to Roots and Bloom! I had a wonderful chat with Gina, who's just celebrated her 1st business birthday back in October! Yay congratulations! I wanted to speak to Gina, to find out about her sustainable business, and how she plans to help people with her social enterprise 'flower farm', for sufferers of early onset dementia.

Gina told me, how she planned to set up a plant nurseries business initially, with the idea to supply her partner who is a gardener, with blooms. Around this time her step-dad was diagnosed at 58 with dementia, it soon became obvious that he needed to spend time outdoors (he was previously a builder by trade) and was not enjoying the group sessions aimed at those much older than him (playing dominoes). Gina's mum then became his full-time carer, and entertainer and so, the Roots and Bloom seed was sown. Realising that Gina could help support her family, in this challenging time, she also realised the valuable work that could be done to help other families going through a similar situation.

What does Roots and Bloom do as a social enterprise?

"There are 2 sides to Roots and Bloom, firstly commercial bouquets and kits are available to purchase which help to support the enterprise, and profits from this go directly into the services side. The more flowers we sell, the more we can positively impact the community. The flower farming sessions, aims to reach around 80 people over the next year. There are no other initiatives like this in Sheffield, or elsewhere in the UK".

"The sales of the bouquets and support for Roots and Bloom goes full circle back into the business to fuel the social service for sufferers of early onset dementia".

This is a huge mission, and a very inspiring sentiment.

Why is the connection with nature so important?

"The pandemic has been hard on dementia suffers who have had reduced social interaction, and perhaps can't fully understand the impact of the situation, they were isolated. Our connection with nature and the positive effects this can have, have been hugely underestimated. Not being able to have this social interaction, and time spent in nature has definitely been missed during the pandemic".

What does wellness in the home mean to you?

"During the summer months in the pandemic, the blooms were just beginning to show, and were starting to be cut. Having an abundance of flowers in my home, made me aware of the impact having a simple floral display can have on your outlook. It was hugely uplifting".

Gina told me how beneficial having flowers in the home were at this time, and how having a just a few plants, or foliage from the garden can really help to uplift your spirits. Gina started to offer a weekly delivery service, during lockdown so that people would still be able to benefit from their flowers! She told me how her customers gave her such positive feedback.

"The flowers were not only beautiful, but they are helping to support the wider social impact too".

"Being able to bring blooms into people's home, to lift their spirits, provided a real mood booster".

At the beginning of the pandemic I featured on the 'staying in special' (I'm around 1o mins in if you fancy a listen!?) episode of the Great Indoors Podcast, with a lockdown survival tip to 'bring blooms inside', so I fully agree with Gina! I was lucky to spent a lot of time in the garden over the summer months you might remember I painted my garden wall cobalt blue, a little Moroccan Oasis and set off a little 'micro Sheffield trend' of cobalt blue walls!

To find out more about Roots and Bloom, and support their work. You can purchase some wonderful Christmas Seed kits!

If you'd like some help with styling your home, finding the perfect finishing touches. Appointments are available in person and 'virtually'.

Here's what my clients said recently after our appointments

"My mind has been blown, it's amazing what Nicola can figure out via a smart phone!" Katya

" Amazing interiors inspiration, because now is the time to dream, plot and somehow stay positive" Lorna

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Get in touch here.


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