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Insta challange: #7dayhomestyle

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Back in March in the first lockdown, I started a mini mailout series of interiors tips you can achieve with just 15minutes... totally manageable things to help you feel happier in your home.

Join me for the next 7 days, with 15 minute mindful tasks you can do at home, you'll feel you've accomplished something, it's at least a distraction and I'm sure you'll feel more motivated and more positive about your home afterwards!

As were in lockdown 3, and it's half term, now feels like a good time, to work with me over 7 days, over on Instagram.

Join me on there, and if you miss the half term week - just do it whenever it fits in with your schedule instead!

Once you start small, it can lead to much bigger things.

Ready to begin your 15 min #7dayhomestyle

DAY 1 - Clear the clutter from the corners

Start in the Hallway / Entrance / Boot room - if it's anything like mine, it's beginning to look overrun with shoes, hats, scarves...

  • Start at the entrance, and clear it to just what you absolutely need!!

  • Clear everything from corners of the room, this helps with air flow and gives a feeling of calmer, more spacious rooms!

  • Adding some greenery to help create a fresh feeling

  • Add a scented diffuser to rid of any odours

  • Invest in some good coat hooks, even if it's just a few

Image credit: Hallway bench - Cotswold co

Image credit: Coat Rack - @Mark Lowe

DAY 1 - start at the entrance, and clear it to just what you absolutely need!!

DAY 2 - Plump up your cushions

Who doesn't love a nice neat and tidy sofa...

DAY 2 -This is guaranteed to release some tension

Now's the time to;

  • Give your sofa a really good hoover, and plump up those cushions, turning the seat cushions will help it feel refreshed too!

  • If it's a leather sofa, don't forget to give a wipe over with a cleaner and conditioner to keep it supple!

It's always nice to admire your hard work before slumping for the evening in front of the telly!

Image credit: Cushions BlueJay - @Sheffield makers

DAY 3 - Create a reading nook

Maybe you have a lonely chair in the spare room, that's currently not very inviting, can you;

  • Move this near a window

  • Add a blanket

  • Grab your favourite book

  • + a cup of tea & create a cosy little reading nook

  • A scented candle helps to create a feeling of calm too

Image credit: @Tulibee -Yay blanket - If you haven't seen these amazing blankets yet - you're welcome!

DAY 3 - It helps to get as much daylight as possible right now, creating a space you can sit, near a window, even for 5 minutes to enjoy your cup of tea, will do wonders!

Image credit: @nomads_abode perfectly shows us how simple it is to create this!

DAY 4 - Mix up your mantle

If you have a mantlepiece, shelf or simply a dresser top - today tasks is to style it!

  • Start with a vase

  • Add a candle, or place a few books and add a favourite picture frame

  • Shop your home - have you overlooked some of things you own? could they be moved into another space, used for something else?

  • Group clusters of items together - leave some free space

  • Mix materials

  • Mix heights and textures

  • You could do it colour coded, if you like!

However you decide to #mixupyourmantle - just have fun!

DAY 4 - don't be afraid to keep moving things until you're happy!

Image credit: @53houseplantsandme showing us how to beautifully colour co-ordinate your shelves!

DAY 5 - Style your coffee table

Take 15 minutes with a cup of tea and style your coffee table - make it a mindful task. It doesn't matter if it will only look nice for 1/2 an hour, it's all in the process!

  • Pick out a few books you've been meaning to read

  • Add a small plant in a decorative pot

  • Throw in some candle sticks

  • Find a little object - like a paperweight of a trinket dish

  • Or add a tray to group your items on

Day 5 - make it a mindful task!

DAY 6 - Update drawer / cupboard door handles

Updating your handles on a piece of furniture can instantly give it a lift! Admittedly you might have to order these in, and wait for them to arrive, but you can plan this for a later date!

  • Change the handles for a fun way to personalise a standard set of drawers

  • Create a unique piece of furniture

  • Adding finishing touches like detailed handles, or changing from brass to gold, will make standard furniture look more expensive

DAY 6: Try a mix and match look too - have some fun!

Image credit: Anthropologie sold singularly

Image credit: @House.48

An amazing IKEA cupboard hack, by adding some wonderful gold handles, and painted a gorgeous green, it is now a wonderful drinks cabinet!

DAY 7 - Put your feet up! Share with me your week on Insta #7dayhomestyle #interiorsbync

Sit back admire your hard work - and know that even just making a few changes with organisation, storage and those little finishing touches you can you really start to make your home feel more like it reflects you, with those all important details!

Perhaps you didn't try a task every day, or perhaps you felt inspired to do a few tasks at once! Either way, I hope this helps with some lockdown fatigue, and making your home feel more comfortable, welcoming and a place you want to spend time!

Share with me on stories: @nicola_c_interiors - use the hashtag #7dayhomestyle

Do let me know how you found this week!

Hopefully that's got you started with some home improvements, but you'd like to work with me to finish your home, or you're considering a project do contact me to book your FREE Initial consultation!

Here's what a recent client said when we streamlined her home, before embarking on a journey to update and inject some personality into my clients home!

"I really needed to streamline my rooms and deal with storage issues, Nicola is really easy to work with and lovely company and this whole process has been such a worthwhile investment. Whatever interior problem or query I had, Nicola had an excellent and inspiring idea to help me out" Katya

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