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I don't like Instagram - here's why

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy being social and keeping in touch with friends, clients and suppliers. Instagram is a great resource, a fountain of inspiration, for sure. Whilst I love sharing inspiration, trying to post my daily life-work into little squares, I have to admit, I have been finding quite a task. As much as I enjoy it, I realised that I have way too much to say about interiors in 1 little square each day!

The other thing I don't like about Instagram is the number of Interior accounts that appear to all follow the same inspiration, where's the originality?

I really don't want my clients homes to look like the others out there - I strive for original and quirky homes, not like anyone else's. It's best to be unique!

Which brings me here, I'm going full circle back to blogging, something which I dabbled in over 10 years ago, after I left university. I studied Multi-Media Textiles Design, and my love for interiors started when I was old enough to move my furniture around my bedroom!

I hope that you will join me here, as I provide you with useful, practical advice and inspiration, beyond a tiny little square. I'm not committing to a blog post each and every week, but I will cover the main topics of conversation and queries I am asked often, as I want to help you along your Interior journey.

After all our mission here at Interiors By NC is to provide our clients with a unique interior. Reflecting your own personality using expertly made, locally sourced, sustainable products and well known brands within your desired budget. 

Those of you that subscribe already get a mail-out at the start of the month, these are 'quick wins' and things to think about when considering your Interiors. I will keep posting on those little squares daily musings (so I haven't fallen out with Instagram completely!).

I hope to see you here again soon


A recent project - A riot of colour for a Bedroom scheme! Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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