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How to make your home feel cosier this Autumn

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

We all want to feel cosier in our homes at this time of year, there are so many things you could do from updating your cushions and throws, to adding accessories like candles, adding warmer layers underfoot with soft rugs, and investing in insulating blinds and curtains.

My approach is to create cosy layered spaces perfect for those long nights, so you'll enjoy spending time at home! Why not treat yourself to a few things that can make your home feel cosier!

Simple effective ways to add a little more comfort to your space, and some money saving tips - as you can interchange these between spaces when you feel you need a change!

Whether you're renting your home, about to put it on the market or just wanting to make the place finally feel like our own - surrounding yourself with lovely things, that will help lift your mood, and also provide warmth as well as being stylish is always a sure to make you feel cosier in your home.

I do know that it can be overwhelming when choosing items for your home, so I always advise starting with a mood board - to give you a flavour of what your home style is, to find out what you'd like your home to look like, this makes committing to purchases much easier, as you'll already have in mind what you're looking for.

Here are my top 3 Autumn updates for your home:

1. Morning routine

Getting out of bed in the dark, winter months is a relentless task. I invested in a Lumie alarm clock, and it made getting out of bed on those dreary cold dark mornings so much easier! There's loads of choice with their colour ranges now too, so you'll easily find one that compliments your bedroom scheme!

2. Finishing Touches

Looking for some lovely finishing touches for you home this Autumn? If you haven't seen Natural Bed Company blankets- you're in for a treat! I love the delicate texture, and neutral colour palette - perfect for any colour schemes and styles.

Image credit: Natural Bed Company

As you know I'm a big advocate for shopping your home - so one of the things I like to do is invest in throws and cushions that can be changed round depending on the seasons, or moved into different rooms. something simple that can make a space instantly transformed and a bit more inviting. This is where having an overall colour scheme and theme in mind, means you can easily update your home -you might want to check out the earlier post I did here about creating flow in your home.

Don't forget that something as simple as new cushions for the sofa can instantly update a room, and you can have a bit of fun with these too! This gorgeous fabric from Black Edition - recently caught my attention, and I shared on Instagram. It's luxurious and modern, and a bit of fun, let's be honest who doesn't like a polka dot? Imagine it on cushions, or even upholstered on a chair?...

Nuala Collection: Black Edition

3. Flooring

Adding a rug to hardwood flooring helps to eliminate noise, as well as adding warmth. It's a great way to instantly lift a space, giving the room some more colour or adding texture - if you have a room that you feel 'is a bit flat'- adding a rug will definitely help!

You can add a rug onto carpet too, just look for a slightly less deep pile - and always go bigger than you first think! Rugs that are grouped under furniture and anchored down with chair legs. for example always look better than those drifting in mid-space.

Amira from Asiatic is a lovely update for autumn - It's a beautiful hand-knotted Berber style design, with a hint of colour, and tonnes of texture it's surely going to make your home feel cosier.

Image credit: Asiatic

When it comes to styling your home, I always think about layering - by changing lighting, adding cushions or throws and adding rugs!

Simple effective ways to add a little more comfort to your space, and a money saving tip - as you can interchange these between spaces, when you feel you need a change you can simply just relocate items into a new space - I'd love to know if you try any of these updates, do share with me on Instagram!

If you'd like more specific help with your home you can book a home styling appointment - where we look at those finishing touches and help you style your home beautifully - perfect for those incoming winter months!


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