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Don't underestimate the power of your home

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

As an interior designer, I focus on, the influence of an interior on your day to day life. When I work with my clients, I'll start by asking them about how they live, what they want to change and how they use rooms - mostly I think people think I'm being nosey, but it helps to design the room so it is fit for purpose, not just aesthetically pleasing.

Simple things like having the right storage, surrounding yourself with colours you love and being able to use every inch of space really can make all the difference. The impact of the pandemic and from spending so much time at home this year, means we shouldn't overlook how much impact our homes can have on our well-being.

I have been speaking with wellness coach, Katherine Fletcher. I wanted to find out about her career, talk to her about how are homes can affect our wellness and ask her to share some amazing tips too! I've picked out some fabulous products for your home, based on Katherine's advice.

Take a look at Katherine's Instagram -

her account is beautiful, and very inspiring.

As she answered the phone she told me about how the news is distracting her, and that Manchester (where she is based) might be going into tier 3. You know what that means - yep, more time at home. A few days later as I write this, South Yorkshire is now also facing the same tier 3 restrictions, so it's incredibly important to be able to relax and recharge at home.

Can you tell me more about your career as a wellness coach?

Katherine's background is in Education, focusing on leadership, and then she worked in public relations. She's worked with Gino Di Campo (and yes he's that nice in real life). She now focuses on working with her clients with positive psychology as a wellness coach.

"Most people come to me, having been knocked off course, needing to regain balance with one aspect or another in their lives. We need to feel great and have positive energy, before we can tackle more life issues".

"With a holistic approach I focuses on Sleep, Energy, Exercise, Diet, Relationships and focuses on how to protect your energy and manage feelings, so that you can go on to fulfil your potential in life. These of environmental factors can influence your mood and energy"

"The pandemic has affected us all in our home environment, which are working much harder now. One thing we do have control over is our homes - when other things in life are not as easily able to be controlled, right now".

Katherine explained how our homes have a huge amount of power. She often moves furniture around in her flat, to give her a renewed perspective, as our homes are now working much harder for us. It is so important to notice what we surround ourselves with.

what does home mean to you?

"Happiness and Serenity, it should be your safe space".

I couldn't agree more, our homes should reflect our personalities, and should be a reflection of the way in which we want to live.

Katherine has a real passion and interest for interior design, and particularly Biophilia. Which is our innate need to be connected to nature, using the principles of our natural surroundings in relation to our homes. She descried how her apartment overlooks some lovely trees, and when the sun comes through the window, she would often move to catch the warm winter sun on her face.

"Don't underestimate the power of your home"

How do you help your clients?

Katherine helps her clients by delivering a long term sustainable wellness strategy, around health, a healthy mindset and setting attainable goals to help improve their general wellbeing. Something which over the next few months might be hugely beneficial.

A few final words from Katherine;

"Do practice self care - read, journal, yoga, relax, whatever you CAN do, wherever you can find a quiet space in your home".

Do you have any tips or suggestions on how to improve your energy at home?

1. Alarm with Wake Up Light & Nature Sounds - This can really lift your spirits it works with your circadian rhythms to make falling asleep and waking, especially over dark winter months less challenging.

2. Essential oils - Ensure you rotate these scents. As they can become easily attached in the brain, when used to relieve stress and anxiety, and then be associated only with that feeling of stress or anxiety

3. Plants - lots and lots of them, this helps purify the air, and reduce stress

4. Enjoy a south facing window - (if you can) and catch the warm sun on your face.

5. JOURNAL or get a wellness coach... Katherine Fletcher

6. A Cosy Blanket -Take some time out to invest in some 'me time'

1.Alarm with Wake Up Light & Nature Sounds - COULAX

2. Essential oils - NEILS YARD

3. Plants - Local in Sheffield GRAVEL PIT

4. Roof light, or widening an existing opening? GLAZING VISION


If you would you like to carve out some space in your home to improve your well-being - It could be a cosy reading nook, or creating that wonderful yoga space, or help with creating the right ambience in your home through selecting lighting or simply choosing the right finishing touches, whatever it is book your FREE initial consultation and lets improve your well-being.

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