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Create a 'home workout space' that works hard, for you

Have you been trying to workout from home? Perhaps you've had good intentions but can't find the space, or can't seam to make it work for you, so you're desperate for the Gyms to re-open so you can continue your workouts?

I'm not a regular gym goer (I have only visited a gym once, as a trial, and have to say - I did not find it welcoming or somewhere I could see myself spending time!) but since lockdown last year, I've been working on creating a space fit for workouts, and spending more time in the 'jungle room'. I know what you're thinking it doesn't look like a workout space?!

This space is now more fit for purpose I actually get quite excited to spend time in there 'exercising' - well, I never thought that would happen! (yes, sometimes I am just lying on the yoga mat...) for full disclosure.

So, I want to share with you the things I've learned, and also share how you could create your own 'home workout space' - that works hard for you!

Depending on the type of workouts you'll do I estimate that you really only need to allow for an area of free space approximately 3m x 2m - anything else will be a bonus, we're not talking a whole garage conversion or room dedicated to a home gym here - but it really will depend on how the rest of the room functions or if you need serious gym equipment?

I am covering the basic fundamentals which should give you a good starting point to help you create your home workout space, before you rush out and invest in all the gear!

1. Mindset - write out a mind map of what you think you'd like your ideal home workspace to FEEL like.

Like to be outside (choose near a window) Maybe you don't want to workout in the gym but in a cosy dark space that's relaxing, (maybe a bedroom will work for you) or maybe you miss the gym and need bright lights and music pumping? (maybe head to a ground floor space)

Also consider the time of day...of you like to workout in the evening, but the rest of the family want to watch TV then maybe the lounge isn't going to work for you!

Get into the mindset of where you'd like to be, what time and how you'd like to feel when you work out!

2. Where to find the space?

Depending on the workout you'd like to do; Yoga can be done at the end of bed, or in front of the sofa - Bay windows are also great spaces for example!

If it's HIIT and pumping iron you're into maybe the lounge or another ground floor space could work for you since it will keep noise levels down!

Have a look around your home and see if any of the rooms you have, give you the feeling you want to create from your mind map? Maybe there's an unused space or spare room that with a few tweaks can work for you!

The once you've found an area that's hopefully clutter free (a wall mirror is always a good idea too) and puts you in the right mindset here's what to do next;

3. Lighting - flexibility is key

Choosing flexible lighting is key - sometimes you might need bright lighting to keep you awake and energised - you'll need cool / bright lighting. here's a handy guide about lighting temperature!

Also consider if you like to do HIIT and sometimes yoga for example, then you might want to consider dimmable lights, such as Philips HUE so you can switch up how much lighting you need and the temperature you require more easily!

Don't forget task and ambient - add a hurricane lantern, soft candles or Himalayan salt lamp which claim to have beneficial health properties! to get the ambient lighting right too!

4. Flooring - warm underfoot

Cork flooring with it's natural benefits will make you feel better while working out - connecting you to nature, look at getting an eco exercise cork mat too! It's warm and cosy underfoot.

5. Atmosphere

Create an atmosphere - make the space inviting, and appealing, and I guarantee you'll want to go in there! Perhaps add a neon sign for motivation? Don't forget some plants, as these have added health benefits of purifying the air, and also releasing stress and tension - being in nature has many positive wellbeing benefits.

6. Accessories

Maybe you'll need some weights and equipment? You might just need quiet with your mat & headphones, or space for your laptop (a stool, bench, or chair works well) - try and keep the space clutter free.

7. Storage - grab and go!

Okay - you've got a few things like the gym kit, mat etc. Look for a chest or ottoman or a small set of drawers that can store everything you need quickly in one place - no need to go searching around your home - just grab and go!

8. ready to go?

These 8 things can be used as checklist! The key is really to get in the mindset, create the right environment - even if your space is limited, and this will help to improve your well-being. Above all make a space that's flexible for you and your family!

Here's some visual ideas to get you feeling inspired! A workout space doesn't HAVE to feel like a gym!

Ready to create your home workout space? Please share + tag me in any Instagram posts I'm @nicola_c_interiors

1. Towels DUSK

2. Plaster wallcovering FENTON WALLPAPER DIRECT


4. Shutters BLINDS TO GO

5. Chandelier NEXT

6. Wall light NEXT

7. Floor standing mirror WILLIAM WOOD MIRRORS

8. Bench storage IKEA

9. Palm plants HORTOLOGY

10. Himalayan salt lamp YOGAMATTERS

11. Floor cushion DUNELM


13. Cork flooring / mat COLOUR FLOORING

If you'd like some more advice on anything featured, or to discuss your own project or 'workout space' design - then simply get in touch here!

I'd love to help you create your very own space that works just for you!

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