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AY UP - Sheffield's best kept secrets; for all your interior needs!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Is anyone else excited about the prospect of going shopping? After working remotely and sourcing online for the last few months, I can honestly say there's nothing like seeing something first hand, trying it out for size and being inspired to see what gems you can find in the shops!

There are so many wonderful independent stores that personally I can't wait to visit when restrictions are lifted - here's my pick of Sheffield's best kept secrets - it's a shame that we'll not be able to walk through the doors of the Sheffield John Lewis (or Cole Brothers as it is known locally)… I'll miss those rickety lifts, having worked on the haberdashery back in 2010, and trained there, when I joined the Leeds store in 2017! I have some very fond memories - where will I get my cushions fix now?!...

Here are my 'best kept secrets' in Sheffield

Buy less, Choose well, Make it last! - Vivienne Westwood

Contemporary homes you'll get your neon fix here! Great choice of reclaimed / industrial, all things edgy and cool.

Rustic Modern homes - For little curiosities and quirky accessories - to be found nowhere else.

Prefer your home with a little more elegance? Create a cosy laid back style, with chic French furniture

Trying to find the perfect sofa? This is the place to go, so much choice and pretty much any style and colour you can think of - contemporary modern styles with clean lines. Or if you prefer more traditional and elegant styles, there's definitely something for everyone!

Just needing a few finishing touches? Pick up cute kitchen accessories and timeless pieces here! A little treasure trove!

OKAY not strictly a store - but their eco friendly fragrances are the perfect treat to unwind after a busy shopping trip!

One of my all time fave places. If you like your interiors dark and moody, this is the place for you. Super stylish everything - vases, candles and more...

This is a hidden gem near Hillsborough Park - 'under the bed sale' is back!

I worked with Karen briefly, back in 2010, when I did some voluntary work for ROAR. I'm definitely going to be making more regular visits here, it's a treasure trove of all sorts!

Cupola is in need of some TLC - they are trying to raise funds for structural works at the moment - please help them out!

Some serious engineering and fun stuff here - after counter tops, sinks or something unusual? - check these guys out! (again not strictly a store I know... but too good not to share!)

A wonderful independent emporium! Maybe you'll get your cushions fix here. Just what we need...

So, I hope you'll enjoy heading out supporting our fellow independent makers and stores! If there's anyone I've missed, or someone you think I should know about - please share I'd love to hear from you.

If you need any help with styling your home, from artwork & cushions, to designing a space just for you - Appointments are available for 1 hour style sessions, to half day styling and complete bespoke interior design services too!

I'd love to help you create your unique home you can contact me here

Happy Shopping!



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