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7 Space saving storage solutions

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Is your home lacking storage? I think this is a fairly common conundrum, and one which comes up a lot with my clients. Storage is the means of organising, and being able to access things easily for future use. Storage can also help create a division, for different tasks and activities within your home or even in one room. It can quite often be the last thing you think about when designing your new room!

Scandinavian countries, which typically score very highly on happiness indexes, place a lot of value on storage in the home - Ben Channon 'Happy by Design'

Kate of Mad About The House recommended on one of 'The Great Indoors' podcast episodes when she said she worked from the kitchen table, 'Always tidy work away into a box or something that can be packed away, at the end of the day'. It's a must. A tidy house is a tidy mind, and all that. Storage has become a hot topic, given the changes to how we've had to live/work from home during the pandemic.

Maybe the lock down curbed your spending habit (a bit) and you're more focused around buying things you need, and trying to live with less? Or maybe not, that's fine too. Just don't overlook the benefits to your well-being of investing in great storage. It doesn't always have to be ugly either!

Here are my 7 space saving suggestions of really great, stylish storage that your home could use!

1. Home bar

Don't have the space for a designer bar cart (but still want to recreate that at home-pub vibe?) this clever little storage solution would be great for a smaller space, where you want a shelf to display some items too! I love a good #shelfie, and a G&T, do you?

2. The Ladder Shelf

Good for spaces such as bathrooms, and where you can't fix things to a wall. Perfect for rental properties and areas where your space is limited. This one is great because it comes with hooks so you can add storage baskets too!

3. Storage baskets with hooks

Peg hooks are very fashionable and great for using in bedrooms, playrooms and utility rooms, and these amazing hanging willow baskets with handles are perfect to hang from this ladder shelf too! Great to add all those little bits and bobs in, that can clutter up surfaces.

4. Zip it away

Habitat has some seriously stylish storage, if you like print and pattern and want something to be zipped away, keeping it clean and tidy - invest in these cotton zip baskets, perfect!

£45 from Habitat

5. Room for a few more books?

Looking for a more glam style, with some nice 'coffee table' books. This glass and mirror coffee table, will help to create an illusion of more space, and also give you some further room for all those books!

On my reading list -2LG making living lovely, Mad about the house 101 Interior design answers... What are your favourite coffee table books, right now?

By Natuzzi from Ponsford

6. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

This is something that everyone I know asks about - Shoe storage!! You can never find the right thing to fit, it looks unsightly and is always functional over stylish...until now!

Tylko a customisable storage company, you design your own shoe storage. You can customise the size, configuration and colour! A more modern style but great for hallways or odd spaces you're not sure what will fit. The other great thing about this brand is that they use European birch wood, so are sustainable too!!

Prices vary - Tylko

7. String, add as you go

If you're not sure how much space you can afford to dedicate to storage right now, consider the string range, available from John Lewis. You can add desks, cupboards, more shelving and keep adding over time, as your storage needs change! Clever if you ask me. This is great if you're looking to integrate a desk space into a living area too, as it can have so many functions, and doesn't shout 'outdated built-in' office!

Price varies - John Lewis

If you'd like to discuss your storage dilemma's or need advice about practical ways to introduce more storage or streamline your home - please contact us!

Book your FREE initial consultation and we can discuss whether a Digital Design or Home Styling appointment could make your home storage situation super stylish.

Hope to see you again soon,


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