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5 Ways to update your home this Autumn

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Where do you actually start when designing your home?... These are the key things to consider, before you pick up a paint chart!

1. Are there any super quick changes you can make ( things like changing lighting, or accessories like bedding to give rooms a quick refresh!)

You'd be surprised what a fresh simple stripe, can do to give a welcome update to a guestroom or master bedroom.

Image Credit: Zara Home

2. Investment purchases like Kitchens and Bathrooms take time (best to start gathering ideas and planning your 'ideals' before committing to anything just yet!)

Start collating images, and ideas and once you have an array of images, see how they might translate into your space or which elements you can take forward into your own design. Are you draw to minimalistic, something colourful and dramatic?

Photo Nicola Cummins

3. Do you need to bring in tradespeople to complete work for you (can you save costs and do some of the work yourself, or do you need trades involved - getting quotes can take time too!)

You might get advice from Family or Friends for trades people, or perhaps you'll need access to our trusted suppliers. Good trades are often booked up quite some time in advance, so it makes sense to get in contact with those you might be considering.

4. Consider the feel you want to create in your 'new' home (don't go straight for a 'look', but instead consider how you want to feel in your new home!)

Would you like a relaxing, elegant space - in which case you might prefer to look for silky materials and walnut, something dark and cosy.

Image Credit: Itami by Romo

5. What is your budget? (be realistic - things add up and can cost quite a bit more than you might first expect, make a list of what you can compromise on, and what is your non-negotiable!)

Image credit: Porta Romana Boheme collection

Perhaps you've got your eye on some designer lighting, that can often be the basis of a scheme or room design, making the other elements work around your favourite piece, the showstopper.

Starting your renovation or redecoration project with a clear 'vision', not to mention a checklist or 2, is one of the easiest ways to save time, money and energy! I hope these 5 ways to consider updating your home this autumn give you some food for thought. There isn't really a right way or a wrong way - it depends on what you need from your home now, and how it can work for you in the best possible way.

If you're thinking about that Christmas gathering, or hosting family - do get in touch sooner then later to avoid disappointment.

To discuss your individual requirements and work with me, you can take advantage of a FREE initial consultation- click here to book or email

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